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Not only am I impressed with the variety of your modules, but your customer service is excellent. Thank you for your responses."

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Mark Dizon IT manager

Compare the Value

The Union Apps approach…


UnionApps presents a tailored, template-based approach to building a mobile app for Unions. These templates were designed by Unions for Unions.
This approach allows a lot of flexibility of content, and a rich mix and match of features, while giving the cost benefits of scale.
We also take a whole of life approach to support. We take care of the ITunes App Store of Android Store submission. Everything is taken care of, including liaison, security testing, and updating. We continually develop our app features so that you always have the latest technology. You can utilise new features at any time without any additional costs. We offer a range of services to let your existing & prospective members know about your new app.
Our apps have a modest set-up cost and monthly maintenance and hosting fee. Contact us to get the fees applicable to your country “GET YOUR OWN FREE EVALUTION”. These are much less than the cost of developing your own app from scratch.


…Versus building an app yourself.


First you have to have the app designed, developed and written…


For developers in the Developed World, it’s not unusual for an iPhone developer to charge well anywhere from $80/hour to $250/hour to do contract iOS development, depending on experience. The hourly costs have been this high for several years now, and given the limited pool of development talent it’s no surprise that it’s a developers market. Even in the developing world, the prices of app developers are rising to $100/hour.


… and they are not the only costs…


A post on O’Reilly Digital Media blog sums up the situation for higher expenditure apps: a full-time contract iPhone developer costs $5,000/week and it may take four to six weeks for an application to be developed. Sometimes it will take less and sometimes it will take more. Add to development the other costs – project management, design, QA, and marketing, to name a few. It’s not uncommon to spend $30,000 and up on an iPhone development project.


An article on OS X Daily about iPhone Development Costs reports that the development cost range for “small apps” is $3,000 to $8,000 and that “more complex or recognized brand apps” can cost $50,000 to $150,000.  And this is just the development costs! Not the management, hosting and updating costs. A thoughtful article on outlines The Cost of Building an iPad App and suggests the development costs (as compared to design and other costs) range from $12,000 to $150,000 or more. It summarises the costs just for developing and deploying the app for only one year– not for ongoing support and upgrading – as:


“For a nice but simple app, the design work will likely take a designer about a week, which will cost you about $6,000. The server side will likely require a developer about 2 weeks of work, or about $12,000. Similarly, the app could be written in about 2 weeks as well, another $12,000. Add $5,000 for project management, hosting fees for a year, debugging, unforeseen delays, and your total budget is around $35,000.
For a nice high end app, like a high-end game, numbers are usually much higher. Design will likely cost you $30,000 alone. Development will be in the $150,000+ range. Hosting fees and extras will cost another $30,000. At the end of the day, your app will likely cost you at least $200,000.”


And then there are the ongoing costs of maintaining, upgrading and hosting your app content and App store account!


After considering these costs, you can see why other Union officials have chosen the UnionApps approach. It is specialized for Trade Unions, low cost and low maintenance.