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Not only am I impressed with the variety of your modules, but your customer service is excellent. Thank you for your responses."

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Mark Dizon IT manager


What is an App?

“App” is an abbreviation for application, which is a piece of software. It can run on a computer, phone and other electronic devices. In the mobile sector the term “app” refers to software that has been specifically developed for mobile devices, namely phones and tablets. Applications are either pre-installed on the phone or downloaded by the user from various mobile software distribution platforms such as the Apple iTunes Store or the Android Market Place. Mobile applications help users by connecting them to internet services and often provide offline functionality when no wireless network is available. Apps also provide a means of integrating online and offline resources as well as enabling your business to leverage a common and popular form of communication to rapidly spread your message.


What is the benefit of an App

For your Union, the benefits are:  Communication: You can communicate time-sensitive information instantly and easily using push notifications. Push notifications are mobile alerts that can be sent to all users or individual users, and can include email, phone or web page links. This is ideal for promoting campaigns, cancelling events, thanking members and more. It also keeps your Union in the forefront of your consumers’ minds, which is crucial.   Overcome Censorship: Allows Unions to communicate directly with members without having to worry about censorship at the employer’s email servers. Engagement: An app engages your members with a combination of multimedia, an interactive event calendar and social networking integration. Doing so boosts member loyalty and facilitates a positive association with your Union. Usage reporting: Know more about your app user and how they interact with your Union. Use this information to target your messaging and increase responses.

For your members, the benefits are: Convenience: A native-version app utilises all of the functionality of the smartphone in a seamless way. This includes offline access; allow your members to access your information and services even when Internet connection is not available. Always on, always open.   Workplace reporting: UnionApps uniquely offers a feature which allows members to report by writing and photographs about issues in the workplace. Instant evidence for occupational health and safety and concerns can now be gained without blocking through employer firewalls. More information: Your app users will enjoy staying informed of your news (through push notifications) and being able to access digitally stored information at any time, from anywhere.


Why do I need an app?

We are witnessing a rapid transition from computer Internet access to mobile engagement. Today’s consumers are connected anytime and anywhere. You now have the opportunity to provide a cutting-edge communication and brand experience for your members. Smartphones are quickly flooding the workplace – about 700 million were sold in 2012. More than 1 million Android phones alone are activated every day! There were 1.6 billion downloads of apps just in the last week of 2012!, If you want to position your Union as staying ahead in the communication age you need your own app today!


How long does it take to build an app?

From the time we receive your payment it normally takes only 3 business days to have your app live in Google Play and 15 business days to go live in the iTunes App Store!


Who takes care of my ITunes or Android app store submission?

We do. Everything is taken care of for you.


What are push notifications?

Push notifications allow you to send alerts directly to the people who have installed your app, even when the app is closed on a device. Push notifications instantly deliver relevant information, company news or sales promotions. Push notifications can be sent to all users or targeted individual users. The alert can be set to open a specific part of the app when the user clicks on it, or to access an email, phone number or web page; therefore improving two-way communication with your users.


What is a native-version app?

There are two types of mobile apps: native mobile apps and mobile web apps. A native-version app is an application program that has been developed for use on a particular platform or device – such as iPhone or iPad – rather than simply using mobile Internet. So what are the key benefits of native apps? Native apps can be used offline and they respond more quickly than a mobile web app because the interface is more direct. Also, as they are written for a particular platform, native apps can interact with the device’s other native features, such as its camera, social networking accounts and more. Most notably, push notifications can only be sent with native mobile apps.


Do you provide a mobile web site?

We provide a full mobile solution, meaning that all our customers will receive a mobile website for free as part of our offering.  A mobile website can be used on any internet-enabled phone – eg. Blackberry, Windows Phone or older mobile phone –  but has limited functionality. For example, you cannot send out push notifications through your mobile website.

How will you help me promote my app?

Having your App is one thing but getting people to download it is even more important. We will help by advising you how to effectively promote your app, and providing the tools to do so.  This will include information on push notifications and the visibility of your app in the App Stores. Moreover, this is the first service in the world to combine SMS & native apps in one simple platform! This means that you have access to our mass SMS capabilities to cost-effectively send a text to your entire contact list, letting them know about your app. SMS is still one of the most effective communication channels available, and is the best way to have your message by people who have not yet installed your app.