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Not only am I impressed with the variety of your modules, but your customer service is excellent. Thank you for your responses."

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Mark Dizon IT manager


UnionApps’ mission is to make everything easy for you. Our modest and extremely competitive fees cover initial set-up and ongoing maintenance, upgrades, support and hosting costs. You focus on interacting with your members. We look after all the technical stuff.

Contact us to get the fees applicable to your country GET YOUR OWN FREE EVALUTION. These are much less than the cost of developing your own app from scratch.


The monthly support costs includes technical support, unlimited free push notifications, updates to the app as they become available, reporting on downloads and access to our App management platform in order for Union officials to directly make changes to the app.


We do not usually use term contracts, meaning that you are not locked into anything. You can cancel the ongoing payments at any time. We offer this flexibility because we are confident that Unions and their members will love our apps, but moreover, we value mutually beneficial long-standing relationships so if they are not happy, neither are we!


Some clients however, do request long term contracts. If you prefer this certainty, our annual contracts include volume discounts.


From the time we receive initial set-up payment it normally takes only 3 business days to have the app live in Google Play and 15 business days to go live in the iTunes App Store!