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Not only am I impressed with the variety of your modules, but your customer service is excellent. Thank you for your responses."

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Mark Dizon IT manager

Union Apps

UnionApps is innovative mobile apps service solely dedicated to serving Trade and Labor Unions and their members. At UnionApps we believe that every Union needs a mobile app. That’s why we’ve brought to Unions a revolutionary system that takes all the hassle and expense out of building and maintaining a high quality, functional app that helps Unions engage with your Members. Through our Apps, our goal is to help Unions promote growth, a fair wage and benefit standard, and retirement income as well as safe working conditions for the workers they represent.
Our mission is to empower members and their Unions. Give members a tool whereby they can access their rights, and mobilise their Union advocates right at the workplace. In real time. Without any threat of employers’ monitoring what they are communicating and to whom.
That is why our motto is:

Strength of the Union in the palm of your hand