Why Have An App

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Benefits of the Union App

We work with Trade Union officials who are responsible for communications with their members. Our apps are for officials with an interest in getting their message out in a new, personal way. In particular an official who wants to ensure that the Union can interact with the members directly without having to worry about censorship by the employer. We particularly serve officials who want a solution based on the experience of their colleagues, but with flexibility of structure and content.



If a Union wants to engage its members with two-way communication an app allows them to send alerts to members and receive instant responses. This is ideal for promoting special campaigns, generating interest and increasing member participation.



An app allows Unions to target their members in a whole new way. When members use the app it will be in a personalised fashion on a regular basis, helping to bridge the gap between the Union, and its officials, and the member.



Lets the Union know more about the members and how they interact with the Union's message. This lets the Union target its messaging and increase response.

User Experience

User Experience

: : An app utilises all of the native functionality of the Smartphone in a seamless way.


Member Empowerment

An app supports members to report and photograph incidents and conditions at a workplace to the Union.


Overcomes Censorship

An App allows Unions to communicate directly with members, either through alerts or our unique mass SMS capabilities, without have to worry about censorship at the employer's email servers.


Offline Access

Allow members to access Union information and services even when an Internet connection is not available. Always on, always open.

By having our app, members will:

  • Enjoy the convenience – they save time and hassle by interacting with the Union directly from their mobile device with the touch of a button.
  • Be informed – they get the latest updates, news and advice.
  • Feel cared about – they will appreciate the useful functionality and tools that the Union provides for them.

The benefits the Union gets from our apps include:

  • Fast – The app will be live in the iTunes App Store and Google Play in days, not months.
  • Able to reach everyone – Available for iPhone, iPad, Android Mobile, Android Tablets & mobile web; so anyone with an internet-enabled phone can use your app.
  • Always up to date – We continually develop our app features so that you always have the latest technology. See our current features here.
  • Well promoted – We offer a range of services to let your existing & prospective members know about your new app.
  • Who takes care of the ITunes App Store or Android Store submission? We do. Everything is taken care of, including liaison, security testing, and updating.